Saturday, March 19, 2011

The letter Ii

The letter Ii - our verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.  One great thing about this verse this week is the way we are using it.  When I hear the kids say "I can't", then I say, lets quote your verse and I have them quote it.  It seems to help with the "I can'ts".

Letter Ii Tracing page

Inchworm Puzzle 

Letter Ii Do-A-Dot Page 

Inchworm Pre-Writing Practice 

Inchworm Size Sorting

Capital and lowercase letter sorting game 

Ii letter hunt

Inchworm Counting


More school stuff and some fun stuff:

Cutting practice with her verse

Recognizing little i and big I

Color sorting with her brother

Counting (sorry it is sideways)

Playing with her cousin

Getting tickets from her chore chart

Starting pumpkin seeds!

Getting ready to do a workbook page

Number work in her Kumon book

We had a good week with my niece here to help with school.  She was on spring break so she was at our house for a few days.  Miss M is still doing well with most things.  She is still having trouble with the smallest to largest sorting but we are working on that.  She still loves school so that is a good thing!


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  1. From your pictures, it looks like you're one of the best preschool teachers ever :) I think I'll send Christian over to your house. He's too busy crashing hot wheels to focus on school!


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