Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week in Review - March '11 - This week was smokin!

This week was . . . in a word exhausting.  Do I say that every week?  Lots of things happened, some very sad and some really happy, such is life.  And this week I did something I have never done before.  You will see below.

Without further ado - a week in the life of us:)

My three stinkers enjoying a snack

Wii Dancing

I made my friend Amanda clean in order for her to eat supper, ha!  Just kidding, I can barely keep her from cleaning.

Ah, friends

Miss M did some school while I worked

We had fun at Chick Fil A and really enjoyed our free sandwiches.

She and her brother both had a double ear infection - this is after the medicine kicked in

Check out his mad spoon skills

More tracing

And Little C wanted to help me clean

Miss M did some experimentation with her friend Mr. A

My high tech seed starting method

Awesome right?  He's wearing my glasses from my LASIK surgery

And lastly, I caught our toaster oven on fire.  This is my first kitchen fire (which is actually kind of surprising).  I was toasting some tortilla chips and left the room and came back to a smoking toaster oven.  My husband unplugged it, grabbed it (with gloves on) and threw it on our deck and doused it with water.  He's pretty great.

Yep, it was a tiring week but I am still blessed beyond what I deserve and am still thankful for every single day.


  1. I see lots of smiles, so I think you can count your week as a success. Sorry it was exhausting! I feel like that a lot. Thanks for sharing about your life :)

  2. oh my...glad your husband was home to save the day!


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