Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Garden - April 2011

I love April.  Who doesn't?  I know it is rainy and all but I still love it.  Rain makes my plants grow and therefore I love rain, just not too much of it.  Here is a little peak into my garden as small as it may be (you can see the seeds I ordered here):

I germinate the seeds by sitting them on top of my refrigerator - I'm fancy like that

I think these are some of my pepper plants

Tomatoes!  With a crazy out of control watermelon plant too

I think these might be celery but I can't tell for sure (don't worry they are labeled)

Here is where I keep my herbs - chives, oregano, cilantro, dill and basil

One square foot box that houses my strawberries - here is hoping they come back

Here is where I planted my garlic and my onion from seed - another experiment

It is either spinach or radishes - I forgot to mark them:(

Um, I forgot to mark these too

And here are some blackberries that I purchased last year - I see green leaves!

And my blueberries are starting to bud

Another experiment - I bought a dwarf banana tree and have kept it alive all winter - but just barely
I will list more of my plans next week - what I'm planting and what I plan to do with them if you are interested.  Every year in my garden is just one giant experiment and I am just always hopeful something will work and usually something does.  But in the meantime I do love getting dirty.

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  1. Love the photos! I'm planting my garden too. I enjoy it so much. I would love to grow berries but haven't found the room! Good luck with the banana tree!


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