Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Garden in February '11

Well, as you know it is very cold and we still have lots of snow on the ground so my garden is non existent but I have placed my seed order and they arrived yesterday.  I am so excited because this year I am trying a few new things.  I am going to start seeds indoors which I have not done before and I am using heirloom seeds.

I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed.  They are located about 30 miles from my husband's hometown and I thought they would be good to order from.  They have some rare seeds and I am so excited to try some.

Here are some ones that I just wanted to try:

This is a Jarrahdale Pumpkin - it is blue! And these red eye peas too.

And I thought these pippin squash were so cute and the lemon squash look neat too.

And now all I need is for my husband to build me one of these:

From Homestead Revival
Now you might know that we don't have a lot of space in my garden but I plan to do successive planting this year and also add some more square foot boxes in certain places.  I am also anxiously awaiting to see if my replanting of my strawberry bed will yield some good strawberries and I have blueberry and blackberry bushes this year too!

Until spring arrives we will be preparing for it!

How about you?  Any garden plans for this year?


  1. I am getting so impatient to start my seeds. Do you plant you green beans early or late? I did not get ANY last year. I think the neighborhood groundhog may have had soemthing to do with it. :) I had heard that planting them late helps with the bug spots. Any advice?

  2. I just posted about gardening today, too. I find this time of year so exciting! Your seed selections look and sound awesome!! I just love trying new varieties.

  3. Every year I want to start a garden. But then I feel overwhelmed and never get one going. I just don't know where to begin. I think I need someone to physically come over and help me start one. Otherwise, it may never happen. :(

  4. Those red eyed peas need to get more sleep!! Or perhaps they're allergic to the purple pumpkins. After all the snow it's nice to look forward to spring!

  5. Looks great! I should really start planning my garden. I really want to do the chicken coop thing. I think Josh is going to work on that when the weather warms up. I need a good project right now. I'll be sure to hook you up with some eggs if we do it!

  6. A friend of ours planted seeds in hay bales last year. As the bale begins to disintegrate it provides great food for the plants. She did this because she doesn't have alot of space either.

  7. Sarah - I would love some eggs!
    Heidi - I would be glad to help you.
    Bethany - I have planted both early and late. One year my husband's co-worker told us to mix blue Dawn and water in a spray bottle and spray it on the leaves of the green beans to keep those bugs at bay and it seemed to work. Spray it early in the morning or late in the evening when it is at its coolest.

  8. I love gardening so much and the fresh produce from it, that I allow my father-in-law to do it ALL. I just buy the seeds, and ta-da I have food. Plus, I would either kill it, or have to pull weeds and get dirty. LOL!


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