Dyslexia is something I am pretty passionate about.  I am learning more about it everyday.  I have an 8 year old son who is dyslexic.  Here is our story.

Our Journey With Dyslexia Part I

Our Journey With Dyslexia Part II

I might have never known

I should probably tell you that I relax now

An Update - a year after the diagnosis 

Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child:

Classical Home Education and the Dyslexic Child


Pinnacle School of Bloomington (for Indiana people) - very reasonable testing but hard to get a hold of 

Indiana dyslexia specialists 

The Right Side of Normal

Lexercise - free dyslexia testing online

Children's Dyslexia Centers - A Scottish Rite Charity

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia - Susan Barton

Toe by Toe: Highly Structured Multi-Sensory Reading Manual for Teachers and Parents (We use this and I highly recommend it)

 All About Spelling

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