Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This week in my garden - the seeds are working - kind of

As I stated in this post, I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed.  This year I decided to see how much produce I could get from seeds.  I grew some basil from seed last year, but this is the first year I have tried to grow everything from seeds.  So far we have spent about $50 - this includes seeds, seed starting mix, some containers, more soil mixture (from the Square Foot Gardening Book).  I bought blackberry bushes last year and blueberry bushes too.  We plan to add a few more boxes although they will be against the fence and will be 2 ' x 6 '.  So we will be spending some more money.
Here is where I will be growing my food.

My mini herb garden

Some of my blueberry bushes in containers

A few blackberry "bushes" which you can't see very well

My three "boxes" where we grow most of our veggies and strawberries
And I just put my seedlings out today to get some real sun just for a bit.

Here are my goals and what I am planting:

  • Spinach, Lettuce, Radishes - interplanting and successive planting in square foot garden beds to be harvested every few weeks for salads all summer.
  • Amish Paste Tomatoes and Big Boys - started from heirloom seeds to be used for sandwiches, salads and of course canning!  And if I can't grow enough myself I have a source for buying organic ones in bulk towards the end of summer.
  • Onions and garlic - Garlic is grown from last year's garlic bulbs.  Onions from heirloom seeds (my experiment as I have never grown onion from seed before) - to be harvested when ready and used in cooking - if I have too many onions I will freeze some chopped.  Garlic I keep in a paper bag with holes all season long once harvested.  It worked last year.
  • Herbs - Chives (that come up year after year), Oregano (trying to see if last year's will come up?), Basil - planted from heirloom seeds, Cilantro - planting from heirloom seeds, Dill - free from the heirloom seed company (also planted from seed) - these will be used in cooking, dried, used in salsa or to can pickles or to make pesto!
I have a few other things I am growing too, including some perennial flowers from seed.  I have some bush beans I am growing but only to eat fresh or freeze.  I don't have enough room to plant enough to can so I will probably get a few bushels from the farmer's market.


  1. I LOVE Baker Creek Seeds! That is where we purchase our seeds from, and we've been very pleased. Their farm/store/village is GORGEOUS, too. {We're just East of them!}

    Did you plant your chives from seeds, or were they plants? I've never had luck getting my Chive seeds to germinate. :(

  2. Phoebe,

    I want to go to their store the next time I visit my in-laws (in SW MO). I bought my chives at a farmer's market several years ago and they have been great ever since. I just dug some up for my MIL and she said they are doing very well or her too. I haven't tried them from seed. And I don't really do much with them although I should.

  3. I love the idea of putting your herbs in the washtub.. I am gonna have to try that next year.

    I have a question.. I wanted to plant lettuce and spinach and the guy at the nursery told me they are winter crops. I see that you have planted both. My question is where do you live? I am in Southern California and it gets really hot,so maybe that is why he said to plant them in the winter??

  4. Tobi,

    Yes, I live in the eastern Midwest (sounds oxymoronic doesn't it?) Anyway, our weather is not really hot until mid-June through August so we can grow spinach and lettuce well for a while just not in the really hot months.
    Although - you could try interplanting your lettuce under your tomatoes because they would shade them somewhat and water them like crazy or they will get wilty and bitter (same with spinach).

  5. That is a great idea about planting them under the tomatoes.. I think I will be making ANOTHER trip to the Thanks for the advice. Happy Gardening!


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