Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday–5.8.11

menu plan monday

Hello everyone – how are you?  I hope you are planning to have a great week.  I know I am because there is literally NOTHING written on my calendar this week.   Can you believe it?  After last week – a quick trip to Missouri then getting ready for a garage sale and then have a sewing party and then Mother’s Day – I am tired, but thankful.  We made a nice little profit at the garage sale, the sewing party went well and was fun and Mother’s Day didn’t turn out too badly. 

Now onto the food stuff – with such a crazy week last week we didn’t end up having half the things I planned so they are on here again this week.






  1. Great recipes!! I love your breakfast ideas for sure I'll be using some of those! Thanks!

  2. I tried out the garlic and olive oil pasta tonight. LOVED it! Thanks for the inspiration. We even loved the Frank Sinatra playing on the website as I cooked!

  3. Bree,
    So glad you liked them!

    I have been wanting to try that dish for a while and just haven't put it on the menu yet. Good to know it is good.


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