Monday, May 9, 2011

Singer Sewing House Party

If you have never heard of a House Party – please go check out the site.  It is a fun way to experience products.  You get to try them and decide if you want to buy them.  I have hosted a few.  I did a Fisher Price one a few years back and a Saturn Party also.  But by far this was my favorite one!  It was so fun getting together with other ladies who like to sew.  It was really fun trying out the machine and seeing what everyone decided to make.  We had some snacks and I had precut some material but left a lot so that everyone could decide what they wanted to do.  We had lots of goodies to give away including free patterns, JoAnn’s coupons and some thread.  The machine we tested was a Singer Confidence 7467.  It has a drop in bobbin and over 70 stitches.  The buttonholes are amazing and so easy.  It has an automatic threader (I’ve never had one of those before).  It is a great machine!



I already told you about my crayon roll that I made.  Want to see what everyone else made?


I hope all of my guests enjoyed themselves as much as I did.  It was a great night!  Thanks again ladies for coming and thank you House Party for letting me be a hostess.


  1. Looks like it went wonderfully. Love all the aprons (of course!) and the crayon/marker rolls!

  2. Looks like you had a great time. I loved the marker/crayon rolls. Now you're making me want to do some sewing!

  3. Tracye and Lea,

    It was a great time but sewing with people who like to sew is always fun. So if either of you want to get together to sew just call me.


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