Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week in Review - the blessed hail edition

I have so much to tell but I am finding it hard to do so since I lost my voice.  Oh wait, that doesn't affect me communicating with you does it?  Nevermind.  I really have lost my voice.  I couldn't even talk on the phone today which is pretty bad. 

Last week we got hail here.  And I was so sad because it shredded part of my garden.  I'm waiting to see what will recover.  Then we found out some good news today - we get a new roof and a few other things due to the hail damage.  So I am okay with losing some lettuce and tomatoes and getting a new roof.

Now onto this week's recap:

Outside Painting with friends
  Here is the hail.  I have proof!

Miss M and I had a tea party

Here is what the kids do sometimes when I cook - play in the sink
Playdough time
We went to the park and grilled out to celebrate T's birthday and Father's Day for my dad.  It was so fun.  We played on the playground.  We threw rocks in the creek.   We rolled down a big, grassy hill.  It was wonderful!  My husband was able to use his new camping grill.  Fun was had by all!  I also made my dad PW's Restaurant Style Salsa.  I made him to extra jars to take home.  From what I hear he is really enjoying it.

I hope you have a blessed week!


  1. We got our new roof last summer - hail damage from last spring.

    I found the work crews at our house all day to be very comforting for some reason.


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