Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmer's Market Finds

Our little farmer's market by our house is growing quite a bit and I love to go and walk around even if I don't buy anything.  I usually look at all the booths and look at the prices and then go back and buy.  Today I found a box of peaches (25 lbs. for $26! and they were Indiana peaches).  I buy raw honey almost every time I go and I bought some summer squash just to grill for a side dish.  My favorite find was this ornamental pepper plant that is from a local orchard that I put on my new patio furniture.

For me the way to not overspend at a farmer's market is to take a certain amount of cash and to know what I am looking for.  I also do bulk purchases so I ask vendors how much they charge for a bushel of beans or how much they charger per dozen ears of corn if I buy at least 10 dozen.  Sometimes the prices there are high so know what the going rate is.  It will usually be more expensive than the grocery stores but the produce is so much better that it is worth it to spend a little more.

Those are just my tips!  What do you get at the farmer's market?  Any strategies you use?

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