Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Garden Update - Sunflowers:)

I am losing a little garden momentum.  I still water when needed and I am out there picking tomatoes when they are ready and I really should plant some more lettuce seed but I am just lacking in enthusiasm.  I need a mid-season push.  Things are still growing though.  And excuse my lighting - I took these in the evening and I'm no good at figuring out my cameras settings mostly because I just don't want to figure it out.

 Someday when I have acres of land, I am planting at least half an acre of just sunflowers.  I love them. 

These are really tall marigolds.  They are at least 3 feet.
Sorry about the shadows - my tomatoes are as tall as my fence!

Arg!  Squash bugs!

And my friend Lea gave me some cucumbers from her parent's garden - pickle time!

Nothing too exciting in my little garden.  Still waiting on my green beans to produce and if they don't then I guess we will be buying from the farmer's market and canning them.

What is happening with your garden?


  1. I love sunflowers, too. We were so busy planting veggies this spring that we didn't get any planted. Hopefully next year.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I hope you have more blueberries next your. From what I understand the 4 year old plants are when they really start producing. I had forgotten about the pine needles. I'll have to do that this winter. We do "water" ours with leftover coffee some. Not sure if that is good or bad?

  2. I'm not real sure what's happening in mine...we aren't exactly on speaking terms right now. :)

  3. It may not be too exciting for you harvesting a small bunch of produce but for me it is, whether its a bunch or a whole lot of produce. I always like to eat my own produce and that is exciting enough for me. Congrats!

  4. Great garden! I also grow sunflower plants mostly for the great aspect and for the fact that remains yellow a very long time after it flourishes!

  5. @Tabby Gorilla
    I really am always excited to get any produce from my garden no matter how small. It makes me want to always plant more for next year.

  6. @Doll Houses
    Thank you! I am thinking of trying to save the seeds but I'm not sure I will get it done.


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