Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Post Brought to You by the Letter Yy and the Number 9

I have been doing little things with Miss M but nothing formal during the summer.  I have been printing and laminating and working on a schedule for her preschool and I finally have it mostly planned out and prepared for.  This week we also started something new that the kids really like.  It is a book I bought, and I love it!  I would highly recommend it - Teach Me to Do It Myself.  The first section is life skills.

We went over the proper way to wash our hands.

And this little guy did it shirtless because he can get a little crazy when there is water involved.

We also did the proper technique for brushing your teeth.
 Then we did how to properly brush your hair (do not look at my dirty mirror).

Onto the learning, we used 1+1+1=1's RRSP Preschool (as normal) - the letter Y unit.

Cutting out her book
This was a learning kit that I was able to get from the library.   It has games and books in it and a pond theme - ducks, fish and frogs.

Matching big letter to little letter.

These are counting fish - put the correct number of fish on the corresponding number mat
Bible Craft - cutting, coloring and pasting
Kumon Coloring Book
We had our own little busy bag swap at church and this is one of the activities we got.  Miss M loved it.

And then we used the play dough for our other mats - making numbers 9 and 10 and the letter Y.  She is getting better at rolling the dough and shaping it.

 Another thing I have been letting her do is using free apps on my new smart phone that promote learning.  One of her favorites is 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun Set.  She can draw the letter, shape or number and then gently shake the phone to erase her writing and start again.

We also do calendar time which I will talk more about later this week.  During that time we do several activities which include going over our verses to  memorize and teaching the kids how to pray.  We have just started using Operation World's alphabetical country list to pray for countries that start with the letter we are learning (something we do from Learn Your Letters curriculum).  This week's country was Yemen.  They have about a 4 minute video we watched to learn how we can pray for them.  My sweet hearted son was almost in tears and wanted to pray for them immediately.

This week went pretty well as far as preschool goes.  My daughter loves to learn and so she enjoys doing these activities.    We also did some Letter of the Week activities but I did not get pictures of those.

Thank you for reading this post which was brought to you by the letter Y and the number 9.


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