Sunday, August 14, 2011

Menu Plan - 8.14.11

We will be using more of the freezer cooking that I did in my menu plan this week.  There are a couple repeats we didn't get to last week because I think we ate manicotti for three days.  I need to use smaller pans the next time I do my freezer cooking.  We had too much for us but we did not want to waste it.

Food Storage

I am finally starting to have a plan for longer term food storage.  Obviously I can and try to freeze a year's worth of vegetables (corn, green beans) and some fruit as well, but I want to do more so I thought I would buy one thing each time I go grocery shopping that would store well.  This last time I went to Sam's Club and bought 10 lbs. of pinto beans for about $6.00.  I have canned these before but I plan to have more on hand to can later in the winter.  I also have a good storage of wheat berries thanks to my grain mill deal.  I think next on my list will be white rice.  We still need to eat if there is a world crisis or just if my husband gets laid off.  Hey, I'm not paranoid but I plan to be prepared just in case.

Now onto my menu, as usual I keep breakfast and lunches simple.  We eat the same thing week after week for breakfast and lunch and we have not died of boredom yet.

  • Homemade Uncrustables (using homemade bread and strawberry jam), carrots and applesauce
  • Freezer brown bag burritos, corn and apples
  • Turkey (or chicken), bacon, spinach wraps and fruit (whatever fruit we have in the house)
  • Salads
  • Leftovers
      And do any of you wonder how well all of my freezer cooking food reheats?  I wonder if you wonder that.  Well, here is a picture of last week's manicotti and garlic bread.  It reheated wonderfully.  I had never tried freezing my Artisan bread in 5 minutes a Day bread before and it does very well!  I will keep you posted on how the potatoes do.

    What's cooking at your house this week?


    1. Thrifty Mom in BoiseAugust 14, 2011 at 1:20 PM

      Your freezer cooking has inspired me to schedule some time to work on some items for our freezer. This week we are enjoying red beans & rice, turkey noodle soup, tilapia fillets & orzo, pizza and of course leftovers. I love meal planning. It makes life so much nicer.

    2. @Thrifty Mom in Boise
      Thank you! Freezer cooking is wonderful. Your menu sounds delicious. I also love meal planning. I would be a mess without it.

    3. Gretchen, Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe.
      YUMMY! Breakfast cookies sound fabulous to me! As does so many other offering on your menu!
      Please link up to ON THE MENU MONDAY at my blog! Your menu would be a wonderful addition.

    4. I've been trying to increase our food storage for my upcoming maternity leave in January. That way I'll have more snuggle time with our new addition!
      I've been writing a series on food storage basics over at my blog:

    5. @Britni @ Our Eventual Homestead
      I am always interested in food storage topics. Thanks for sharing!


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