Friday, February 17, 2012

Home hair cutting tutorials

I know lots of people cut their husband's or their sons hair at home.  My husband has been talking to me about doing this and I had been avoiding it until recently.  I decided to watch some You Tube videos to see if I could do it.  Yes, remember yesterday when I told you how helpful You Tube was.

I found some videos that prepared me for cutting my husband's hair and eventually I will cut my sons hair too.  I like their hair a little longer and not buzzed.  Below are the ones that I found most helpful.

My Step by Step Haircut For A Child, Boy, or Man (Part 1) Easy Hair Style Cutting Tutorial (Extremely helpful!):

And Part 2:

Of course when I did my husband's I used the first guard (the one that keeps the hair the longest) and used the clippers on it till towards the top and then I used scissors on the top.

I have yet to do my boys but my husband's turned out really good.  I guess I will get to keep practicing.  I mean its just hair it does usually grow back right?


  1. Cool!

    I'll be checking this out. Hubby usually does the boys' cuts, but oldest wants his a bit longer so that's been delegated to me to handle.

  2. Yes! If I didn't cut Josh & the boys hair we would be broke! I don't give them a buzz cut, but I do use the clippers. Sometimes I use the scissors...I will have to use the scissors soon, because I don't think Jeremiah will like the sound of the clippers, and I will eventually need to cut his hair since all of the old men at the store keep saying he's such a pretty little girl!


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