Thursday, February 9, 2012

MaryJanes Farm

I don't subscribe to many magazines.  Okay, I only actually subscribe to one.  It is MaryJanes Farm.  This is a magazine that you want to keep and read over and over again.  It has so many practical articles and great ideas.   And no, I don't make any money from this I just happen to really like her magazine.

If you have never heard of MaryJanes Butters you should check her out here:


  1. Have you checked out the magazine Mother Earth News? I like that one too, it's pretty similar regarding subject matter to MaryJane's Farm.
    : ).

    Here's the website too

  2. @PetiteDani
    I have checked it out online but I have never seen the magazine. I may have to check that out too, thank you.

  3. @Ma
    I know, I guess that is what clean living will get you.


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