Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freezer Organization for almost every freezer type

I have been wanting to organize my freezers for a while.  I have several you see.  I have my regular freezer that goes with my side-by-side and then I have our "garage" refrigerator with a top freezer.  I also have an upright freezer and a small chest freezer.  It might be freezer overkill but since we buy meat in bulk and I like to do freezer cooking it works well for us.  I start by looking for inspiration and then from there I measured my shelves of each of my freezers and then I go and buy containers that I think will fit the space. 

I looked up some inspiration and found these:

This is from Amy's Finer Things:

And this is from Homestead Revival:

I used these as inspiration for how I wanted to organize my freezer.  I did go to Target and buy some containers.  The smaller baskets were $2.99 and the larger ones were $4.99 plus they are stackable.  I made up my own labels and printed them on cardstock and laminated them.  I used a whole punch and binder rings to attach the labels.


I put most of my bulk items in my upright freezer.  I put our pork, deer and the peaches and corn we froze last summer along with my bulk grains at the bottom and a small basket of chicken and beef stock that I have.

This is a before picture

This is after
My small chest freezer usually houses our bulk beef and chicken and is hard to organize because it is smaller and a little awkward.  I took everything out and did an inventory.  I hid the meat we don't use often under the basket with the corn on the cob.  I put the beef soup bones and oxtail in there.  I will use it to make broth at some point.  I put the whole chickens in the bottom and then used the smaller stackable baskets on top of the chickens.  One basket is ground beef, one is steaks and  the other is roasts.  It is about time to order some more beef.

Before (you can't really see anything)

After - not a lot to see but at least I know where everything is.

Finally, I organized our side-by-side freezer in the house.  I just used the baskets and put the items in categories such as vegetables, meals (stuff to make quick meals such as cooked meat and pizza dough), waffles and pancakes that I have made and frozen and other things.  The bottom bin holds some nuts and grains and other baking ingredients.


Close up of the labels - I used velcro on these baskets

There you have it.  Freezer organization that I have needed to do for about 3 years now.  I won't tell you about some of the things that I found that I had to throw away but at least it is done and I am planning to maintain this better and keep up with what I have.

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  1. Great job on your freezer! I definitely need to invest in some baskets to better organize my freezer space.

  2. @Tracey
    Thank you, it was easier than I thought it would be and I had been putting it off for too long.


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