Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 2.21.12

I am behind on posting my menu plan because my internet has been down until this morning.   But I have to post it or I won't know what I am cooking this week which will make me more crazy than I already am.

Menu Plan

Now onto my menu, as usual I keep breakfast and lunches simple.  I do some things on the weekend to make it easier for the week. 



  • Homemade uncrustables, fruit and carrots
  • Homemade lunchables
  • Soup and crackers
  • Leftovers and applesauce


  • Simple BBQ Ribs (HIGHLY recommend this recipe), mashed potatoes, green beans and corn
  • Hubby took me out for BBQ (yep BBQ two nights in a row)
  • Honey Pork Chops, veggie fried brown rice (Didn't have last week)
  • Homemade Chicken and Dumplings and cooked carrots (Didn't have last week)
  • Pizza in some form or the other
  • Leftover Buffet

What's for dinner at your house this week?

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