Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Garden in Indiana in March?

I cannot believe this weather.  80's in March in Indiana, what?  I personally absolutely love it.  I mean yes, the ants have started marching in and I have seen some spiders.  The wood bees are attacking the deck in full force but there are usually only two and I think they think of it as their summer home.  They don't bother us too much.  But the fact that we can be outside and enjoying it in March is just wonderful.

I haven't been gardening that long so I'm not sure what this is going to do to my garden because my blueberry bushes are blooming as are my blackberry bushes and my strawberry plants are flowering.  Living in Indiana I just know there are still 30's and 40's in our future. 

For now I will take it.   Here is what is happening this week in my little backyard garden:

My Herbs - I left several in to see if they would come back.  Of course, my chives have come back for 3 years now.  My lemon thyme has come back too and it smells so good.  Not too sure what else may make it.  We will see. 

My blueberry bushes - I have about 6 bushes with some being 2 year, 3 year and 4 year all in big containers.  It looks like they are all blooming but one.

The non-blooming one:(

My blackberries - I have two "bushes" that are blooming.  I have only had these since last year.

My Garlic - planted last fall and I'm just waiting for a few more weeks to dig it up.  I will plant some more in April.

My Strawberry bed - I really need to clean this out, but I have some plants already flowering.  I guess I will need to cover it should we get colder temps sooner.

Lettuce -  I planted a few different types in this big container and in two of my other boxes

This has my red onions, lettuce and radishes in it
I cannot believe what my garden looks like in March.  I now see why some people choose to live in an area with a longer growing season.  It is so fun to have green things popping up in March!


  1. I am no expert, but if you know it's going to get below freezing and you have buds, (as long as it is not below 20...I think) you can put a sprinkler out to keep the buds wet and prevent freezing. I know it sounds odd, but they need a constant flow of water to keep from freezing. (I know it sounds strange) I'm sure you could also cover them. My dad saved his strawberries, cherry tree, apple tree, and peach tree a couple years back using this method when everything bloomed in early march, then we had a hard freeze for a long period of time in April. I'm sure there's lots of info online should it come to that!

  2. Stopping in of the party. I have really enjoyed and am now following. Clint @ http://theredeemedgardener.blogspot.com/2012/03/hugelkultur-raised-bed-experiment.html

  3. What a lovely garden you have, and all of that early growth looks healthy--well done! Glad that you are having warm weather.

  4. I love planting, I really do love plants and fruits.


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