Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly School Wrap Up

Since revamping our calendar time poster I decided to add calendar time notebooks this week.   Each of the kids have a notebook but they have a few different things in them.  I also added a " . . . of the week" little board.

First Grade

 I use breakfast trays as "mini desks" for the two oldest. Iman is still getting used to calendar time.  He likes some of it and other things he can kind of rush through but it is really good practice for him.

It really is a good skills refresher for him.  I also add things he doesn't know yet too.

 We also do their Word of Life books (our church's Wednesday night program) during Calendar Time.

Here Iman is having a snack and doing some phonics work. 

We made homemade playdough this week and the kids really liked it.

 Here he is acting out a poem we just read for Language Arts.  

 And another rare moment of sibling love:

Preschool (4 years old)

Here she is doing her weather graph in her calendar notebook.

Doing some of her K4/5 work:

Helping her little brother with "smallest to largest":

Doing a busy bag/learning activity that I put together.  First she puts her numbers in order, then she matches up the number of object with the number.

She also really enjoyed the homemade playdough.  She made a few pies with it.

Tot School

He had his own calendar notebook.  Here I am calling out a shape and having him color it.

He is helping me by putting apple slices onto our lunch plates.

He is mixing the yellow playdough.

We had dinosaurs (our letter was D this week) and we were counting them and putting them on the correct numbers.

He decided he was going to "read" me some Bible stories out of his little Bible.

This was a huge hit.  I made two tubs and used WAY too much blue food coloring for the water so it looks more like a lake than a pond.  We got some of their toys and other objects and tested whether they would sink or float.  I also used silicone muffin cups as boats for the dinosaurs that would just sink.    They played with this for a long time so I was able to work in the kitchen while they played.

And finally he crashed.  He usually is a bundle of energy but every once in a while you will catch him resting.

That was a quick recap of our school week.  How was learning at your house this week?


  1. I love the idea of acting out the poem! Looks like a great week. I am a new follower of your blog :)

  2. I love all of the hands-on projects your kids are doing. If there is anything I need to work on and it's more tactical enjoyment.

  3. @Mary
    Thanks! I can't take credit for the idea though I was just following the instructions from the lesson. Although he did seem to like it once we got started and it helped to get some energy out.

  4. @The Sierra Home Companion
    I wasn't very good at that in the past but I am trying to be more okay with a little mess and more hands on stuff. I am also working on being more organized which helps me do more of these projects. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Super fun week!! Lots of hands-on fun. I can be bad about that sometimes. lol A work in progress I guess.

    Popping in from pre-k corner

  6. @Stefanie
    Thank you, I am just now getting around to being better around it and it only took about 5 months into the school year, lol.


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