Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Read Alouds

I had heard about read alouds from all the homeschooling blogs I read.  I actually steered clear of that until recently.  Well, I mean, I tried it a few times but it didn't go well so I just gave up.  Reading aloud involves reading chapter books with no pictures aloud to my young children and some of them will sit there and some of them won't and some of them will whine and some of them, well, it just was not an enjoyable experience.

Until recently, I finally just waited until my younger two were taking their naps and started reading aloud to my 1st grader.  He wasn't thrilled at first but then he started getting into the story.  I started with reading Stuart Little by E.B. White.  I honestly just didn't enjoy it and thought it was a little weird so I dropped that one and picked up Charlotte's Web instead (by the same author).

At first I thought my son wasn't really paying attention but then he started asking me to read more (shocked me!) and now I read it in the evening when my daughter and sons can hear it and my daughter likes it too.

The chapters are pretty short and I really like the book too.  I'm not sure what we will read when this one is done but I plan to continue the reading aloud.

It is an effort on my part but once I sit down and do it I think we all benefit from it.  If you have any good read aloud suggestions I would love to hear them.


  1. I love those EB White books. Do you have the Trumpeter Swan, too? I had those 3 in a set growing up.

  2. I mean, The Trumpet of the Swan...

  3. I've been doing this with Dan and Tim. I try to find one on one time and don't go for too long. I'm really enjoying it!

  4. Mine loved listening to all of the Little House on the Prairie books. My biggest regret education wise is NOT reading aloud enough. I stopped reading out loud when they started reading for themselves and I regret that SO much! I intend to do that much differently with Bradlee (and even Peyton). We are switching to Five in a Row and Sonlight this year and it involves LOTS of reading aloud. I actually am looking forward to it.

  5. @Katy
    So funny you just said that I read that title on another lady's favorite read aloud books. I will be checking it out of the library.

  6. @Tracye
    I tried Little House but they were a little young. We may try it again this coming school year because I love them.


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