Thursday, October 4, 2012

Repost - Apples in the Dishwasher

Since it is apple season I thought I would re-post this for everyone out there!

Yes, people, I love homemade things - bread, pizza, apple butter but I am slightly (just slightly) lazy.  There I said it and now you know it.  I went with a couple friends and we picked 3 bushels of free apples.  My friend Angel and I kept two bushels and we each took one home.  I stared at my apples for two days.  I just could not bring myself to clean all of them and then cut them too!

Ugh, what a job so I had this brilliant thought (or at least I think it was brilliant).  I put them all in the dishwasher and did not add any soap but I did add vinegar to the rinse.  I'm not sure why I did.  Anyway, I ran the light cycle and when the apples were done some of the spots did not come off but they weren't as dirty and they were soft but not too soft.  The hot water had kind of cooked them but they weren't mushy.  So it made them twice as easy to cut!  I don't peel my apples for applesauce or apple butter because I have a mill so I did not have to peal them.  I just cut them and cooked them down to make apple butter.

Let me tell you this was so easy!  I figured if the apples were still not 100% clean at least the very hot water probably killed whatever bacteria they may have had on them anyway.

So that is my kitchen tip, when you have a lot of apples to wash and then process this may work for you?

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