Sunday, February 24, 2013

Menu Plan - 2.24.13

So we are on the bandwagon.  You know the bandwagon that everyone usually starts in January.  We are late to the party but we are joining the party nonetheless.  You may see some new and different recipes on here because I want to eat less - portion control - but I still want to eat whole foods and none of this low fat cheese and weird low fat margarine stuff.  I am trying out some muffin tin meals this week - mainly to actually see the portions.  I also found this AMAZING APP - through a friend on Facebook - Skimble.  It is great - customizable workouts that can be done at your home with little to no equipment.  See - the internet can be used for good - occasionally.




Gluten free frozen chocolate Cups
46 calorie Cookie
Quinoa Pizza Bites



Leftover Buffet

Check out more menus at Menu Plan Monday. I hope you have a blessed week!


  1. The cup idea is really cute. I wouldn't want to clean all those cups though:)

    We are working on portion control here as well.

  2. @Ma
    It is really easy - I just soak the muffin tins and wipe them out.


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