Monday, March 11, 2013

I Go in Phases AND a winner

I go in phases here at the old blog.   If I'm cooking a lot then I'm not doing as much other things.  If I'm kicking up the homeschool a notch then I'm not really cooking.  If you read a blog where the blogger is cooking a lot and cleaning a lot and homeschooling a lot - she really isn't sleeping because no matter what you see or what people say to you - you can't do all things well at the same time.

Something has to give and since right now I'm trying to widdle away some "meat" on my bones, I'm not really cooking very much - frozen meals people, frozen meals with tiny portions.  I find that I just can't cook a little and not eat a lot, not yet anyway.

Therefore, the recipes will be slim (as I hope to be someday, ha ha ha ha).  Right now my creativity is going to the kiddos.  Its kind of fun.  Balance is your friend.

I have some things coming up - organizing ideas - some school things and such.

For now here is the winner of my Veggie Tales Give-a-way!


Thank you to all who have entered!!!!



  1. It sounds as if we are very much on the same page these days.
    Phases are a part of life we just need to learn to go with it. :-)

  2. We are really trying to get the portion control thing down, too. It is amazing how much I was eating!!!!



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