Sunday, March 31, 2013

She goes all out

My stepmom, T, she goes all out at Easter and we LOVE it!  She is very creative and she loves to do fun things for her family.  We have a big meal of ham, mashed potatoes and all the other wonderful things she makes.

She made this center piece and my Dad made the crosses

She made these adorable creme filled cupcakes

This is the kids table - do you see that center piece?

Brownies shaped in eggs and decorated

She crocheted bunny slippers for the babies

My baby girl with my Aunt JuJu (as we call her)


She gone

Just let me grab that

This is safer

Just the girls

 She puts baskets together for all of the grandkids and little fun treats for us parents.

She and my dad filled about 125 eggs with candy to hide.

She goes all out because she loves us and she loves to provide us and our children with great memories.  We love it - thank you T! 


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  1. Love this Gretchen! I wanna be a grandma like that when my babies bring home their babies! Precious!


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