Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week in Review - More Fun than School

Hi how are you?
 This week my nephew was on spring break as were some of my son's other friends so we did a little school but we did a lot more fun stuff.

All About Reading lesson:

This doesn't look like school but we did incorporate some spelling in this game.

 We did the Erupting Snow Science Fun.

 Fun Times

We made the blanket fort that I blogged about earlier in the week.

 I did my daughter's nails.

And her hair (tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles).

 Baby Girl is just happy all the time.

Mr. Engineer - my nephew.

Remember the pancake art?

We had a fun night at Incredible Pizza Company.

I did a freezer cooking session I'll be blogging about next week.

We also had a playdate at a bounce house place but I forgot to get any pictures:(  We did  a few other fun things and will be doing some more next week I hope.

How was your week?

 And that is a peak into our week.  How was your week?

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