Sunday, August 12, 2012

Menu Plan - 8.12.12 - I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Halleluiah - I am back to menu planning and cooking and baking.  We are finally, mostly back into our old house (see story here to catch you up).  Oh how I have missed it and I have missed my kitchen.  I am trying "theme nights" for a few weeks to see how they will work for us.  The Food Nanny was my inspiration.  To learn more about her theme nights go here.  Might try a few new lunch items this week if I can get to them.

A very, very thoughtful friend brought me dinner to be heated up whenever I needed it and tonight seemed like a great night for it.  I tell you I loved having meals brought to me when I had the baby but I think bringing meals to someone is even more of a blessing when they are moving.  So next time someone is moving I will do my best to try to bring them a meal.  It is a great help!  Also, a sweet friend bought me a $25 Starbucks gift card and this is a gift that works anytime!


To Try:
The Best Fudgy Brownies  (just want to see if they are as good as boxed)

Check out more menus at Menu Plan Monday.
What are you all having this week?  Remember, a menu plan just may save your sanity.



  1. Your menu looks absolutely fabulous! It makes me want to spend the week at your house. :-)

  2. @Melinda
    Thank you, we may have good food but the house might be a little messy.

  3. Great menu, I especially like the Italian night-yum!


  4. Love the themes, especially Comfort Night. Visiting from MPM.

  5. Glad you're back at the homestead and all is going well. We ate dinner not too long ago, but now I'm hungry again.


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