Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cleaning Tuesday's

I have tried out a few cleaning schedules for my home. I used to do a room or two a day and that worked out okay. I am now trying out a new schedule that looks something like this:

Monday - Laundry and Baking
Tuesday - Cleaning "Wet" Rooms (The term "wet" rooms is from a book and it refers to kitchen and bathrooms. The idea is not original from me.) So, basically I clean the kitchen and the bathrooms.
Wednesday - Dusting (This would be dusting the entire house including light fixtures and ceiling fans)
Thursday - Floors (I would probably mop the kitchen and bathrooms on Tuesday.) This would be vacuuming the bedrooms and cleaning our wood floor in the living room and hallway.
Friday - Paperwork and clean out the car

I will probably do one or two loads of laundry throughout the week in addition to my Monday laundry. I chose not to clean anything on Monday's because I am recovering from the weekend and usually need to pick up and put away on Monday's so I use that day to make sure everything is picked up and put away for the rest of the week's cleaning.

So there you go! What does everyone else do regarding cleaning? I know some people just do it all in one day. I used to do that too, and it just didn't work for me.


  1. Well, it's pretty simple here. I just don't clean. Lol.

    No, that's obviously a joke. But I seriously don't clean THAT much.

    I don't have a real schedule except Fridays are always my big laundry day. I typically do one or two other loads throughout the week, but I spend most of Friday doing laundry (kitchen and bath towels, sheets, kids clothes, our clothes, and Daniel's work clothes).

    I clean the kitchen almost everyday. And yes, I do mean that. Lysol spray and everything. My husband likes the kitchen clean, so I try to do it every day. Sweeping is necessary every day anyway since I have two toddlers and an infant who will inevitably drop food on the floor at each meal. I rarely mop. I know it's disgusting, but I hate mopping. I just "spot clean" with those Pledge Grab-It wipes.

    I spray and wipe down the bathrooms whenever I notice they are getting dusty or soap-scummy (usually about once a week). Same thing for the toilets. I used to clean them exactly once per week, but then I realized that was a waste of toilet bowl cleaner, especially since we have 3 and one of them rarely gets used. I will swish the bowl with the brush sometimes if it looks clean but I don't think cleaner is required.

    Vacuuming is also done on a "I see, I do" basis. I hardly have anything to dust in this house.

    So...I'm probably not the best person to ask. Lol.

    As my mom says, "I keep my house reasonably clean, but it's more important to focus on relationships than on the cleanliness of your house."

  2. fluud7:
    I agree with you regarding relationships, but I have a husband who definitly thinks cleanliness is next to Godliness so therein lies my years of trying to figure out how to clean the house in the least amount of time possible with lots of time left over for fun!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! I really like yours and I'm going to subscribe to it so I can keep up with it. You've got some great tips on here!
    I'm gonna try your cleaning schedule. I've been trying to clean just one room a day and that gets the whole house clean by the end of the week, but I'm kinda getting burnt out on that, so I think I need a change.
    Oh and your garage sale finds are adorable! I love garage sales too!

  4. I'm on day 3 of trying your cleaning schedule and I really like it so far. I like that I don't have to worry about anything but laundry on Mondays!


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