Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mystery Shopping

Why is mystery shopping such a mystery? We have all heard stories of companies wanting to charge you money to become a mystery shopper. Well, just say no! You should not have to pay money to become a mystery shopper. I have been a mystery shopper for almost 2 years now. You definitely will not get rich, but you will get a free meal every now and then and some other great freebies. With my mystery shopping we have gotten lots of free meals, gift cards to a well known store chain. We have even gotten to go to a really nice aquarium for free. And just last week, we were able to stay at a high end hotel and order room service for dinner and breakfast for free.

Now, when I say free, I need to clarify. We did have to pay up front, but we were reimbursed with a check. The company that I mystery shop for usually cuts checks twice a month so depending on when you do your shop you may have to wait up to two weeks for reimbursement but usually it is less.

Also, you do have to do a little work. There are surveys that you must fill out and you must be detailed. This is the whole purpose for your shop. It is a nice way to get some fun things when you are on a budget or when you are working the Dave Ramsey plan!

Comment and let me know if you do any mystery shopping or if you are interested in the company that I do mystery shopping for.


  1. Hi

    My husband and I are big Dave Ramsey fans as well. We attended one of his seminars in the Dallas area...he is so inspiring and we are on his plan to financial freedom! I am interested in mystery shopping and was excited to see your post. Do you mind letting me know more about it? I've been searching the internet and actually searched to see if Dave had anything to say about secret shopping....I know he did it when he was trying to get out of debt. Any info you could give me would be appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Karen,

    I actually only went through one company - Bestmark. You can find them at You just needed to fill out an application and then they would tell you what shops were open and then you would just sign up for the shop you wanted. We did get to do some fun things like stay at a hotel and go to an aquarium. You could start with them and see if they are hiring in your area. Does that help? Also, I did not have to pay them any money so if a company says you have to, you don't.


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