Friday, May 28, 2010

Why I love small houses

1.  Small house payments.  My husband is so great at making sure we do not live above our means.  He wanted to make sure we had a house payment small enough that if he was laid off for any reason that one of us could go to work at McDonald's and still be able to make our house payment.  Trust me - we could.

2.  My main bathroom is so small that I can "mop" it on my hands and knees and it only take a few minutes and my "half" bath takes about half a second to mop because it is so small.

3.  We can mow our yard in about an hour with a push mower. 

4.  We are forced to not have a lot of "stuff" becase we don't have room to put a lot of stuff.

5.  We spend lots of time together because there really is no where to get away from each other.

Now don't get me wrong, I dream of eating popsicles in my bare feet while laying out by our inground pool and mowing 3 acres on our fancy riding mower and I dream of a basement playroom that houses all of the kids toys and stuff.

But I don't let those dreams overtake me.  God has worked on my heart and He has made me content with my 1400 square foot 1970's ranch house.  There are still days I look around and want to move into a 3000 square foot walk out basement house on 5 acres, but then I remember all of the above and I start to be very thankful that I only have to clean 2 toilets.  Now I am not saying that I am like Paul and I am content in whatever situation that I am in (Phil. 4:12) but I am working on it and I am very thankful for the house that we have and for a husband that has a good head on his shoulders and that we have a house payment low enough that it doesn't require me to bring home an income just to make it.

This is why I think small houses are some of the Finer Things in Life.

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  1. I want to live in that playhouse, it's so cute! Glad the Lord is working out contentment in your heart, he's doing the same in mine. It's so easy to get overtaken by the cares of the world...sure don't want the Word choked out!

  2. I know just what you mean. The more room we have the more stuff we want and will get and the more we have to spend cleaning it all. We have a small house payment too. I too dream of things that I think I would like, but just this week an older couple called to hire our children to help them clean up the yard and house. They told us that they wished they would not have built such a big house, because when you get old you can't take care of it. I want to always have our home for our kids to come back to. Living in close quarters makes us closer as a family, in more than one way.

  3. Right there with ya! Except, I just have ONE bathroom to clean. ;) Not sure how that's gonna work as the kids get older...

  4. I agree totally! Small house living has its benefits-- small payments being a large benefit for us. It also forces creativity-- where and how to arrange things to make the best use of space.


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