Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kickin' it Old School

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So sorry about the title but I just had to do it (even though my husband hates it when I use that phrase - sorry honey).  After reading Better Off I am challenging myself to see if I can do without certain technological items that I have been used to using and this weeks challenge involved the lawn mower.  Oh, yes it did.  My sister bought a manual mower (or reel mower) a while back which I thought was hilarious at the time and I don't know if she even used it once (I think she tried).

I remembered she had it so I asked her if we could buy it from her and she said that we should try it first.  So, that is exactly what I did this past week.  I got on my lawn mowing gear (you really don't want to know what that entails but it isn't pretty) and I mowed my front lawn with my old school mower.  My neighbor stopped me and asked if I wanted to borrow her gas powered one and I politely declined while she laughed hysterically at me (love ya, Maggie).

You know what, the "reel" mower was great.  It didn't shake my hands to death like our regular mower.  The yard was easy to mow, it wasn't hard to push and I did not cut off any of my toes!  How awesome is that?  My husband did point out that we haven't had rain in a long time so our grass is kind of brown and not at all lush and green so that could have been why it was so easy but I am committed to using our old school mower from now on.  Yes, I like to mow the grass.

Stay tuned next week for my coffee experiment.  I know you can't wait can you?

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  1. I think you are one of the funniest people I know.

  2. Good for you! I can't wait to hear about the coffee thing;)

  3. Wow... I don't have cable or satellite tv, does that count? lol

  4. Let us know next time you mow so we can drive by and watch. :) Just kidding! We're impressed!

  5. I have never read a blog post that inspired me to get up that very minute and do what I just read, until I read yours on Friday morning about 6:40am.

    Our lawn mower broke, and my husband was feeling a bit bumed about it, because we don't have the money for a new one right now. I maintain the garden, but cutting the grass is his job.

    When we moved into our house, the previous owners left behind a coming-apart rotary mower. I convinced my husband to put 2 new bolts in it, and to keep it, just in case.

    When I read your words, I realized that I had forgetten all about it! I found it behind the shed, pulled it out, and cut the grass right then! That is a great advantageof those; you can cut the grass when it's early in the morning without worrying about bothering the neighbors (or your sleeping husband, as was the case for me!)

    My husband was so relieved when I reminded him of the other mower that we had. He was also grateful that he didn't have to cut the grass that day.

    Ours doesn't have a grass catcher, so I had quite a bit of grass hit me sharply on the legs. I may wear long pants next time. Also, a LOT ended up in my shoes!

    My grass hasn't been growing well, so it was short, but I have used this mower on long, thick grass, and you don't want to go longer than a week, or it will be too hard to mow.

    Also, it doesn't cut as nicely as the gas mower does; it seems to miss a few spots.

    But it is better than not having it cut at all!

    So, thank you for blessing my life on Friday morning!

  6. Thank you ladies for your comments.

    And Mrs. Prudent Homemaker (Brandy), I can't believe you read my blog. I feel so honored really because I have read your blog so much and you have inspired me with your pantry and your canning! I am glad you were able to mow your lawn without gas or power. I agree that you have to keep up on mowing with the reel mower. You can't go too many days between cutting.


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