Sunday, October 31, 2010


When I think of my grandparents I automatically think of home.  My grandma was always a homemaker except for a few years that she worked at a factory when my dad was little.  She was always home.  I think that is what made me want to be a homemaker so badly.  I knew how much I loved it when I would go to their house and she would be there cooking something wonderful.  My brother and I stayed with my grandparents all the time.  In the summer we would stay there and she would make us fried eggs (the yokes not cooked), almost burnt bacon and skillet toast.  We would get up late and watch The Prices Right.

Several years ago I heard this Alan Jackson song called "Home".  It is a song he wrote about his parents but it sounded so similar to my grandparents that I always have loved listening to it.  I feel so much the same as he does.  In his song he says, "There will never be another place in this world that I call home."  If you ever went to visit my grandparents or knew them at all you would understand what I am talking about.

So forgive my cheesiness, but I am going to share this song with you now:

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