Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Savings Saturday

Week three of the $40 a week grocery budget (right isn't it - I lose track).  Anyway, still did pretty well this week.  I didn't stock up on meat.  I stocked up on some household and health and beauty items.  I promise I will stock up on meat next week.

Trip #1 - Kroger

This Kroger run was actually fun.  One reason is that I was able to take only one child.  It was also in the morning and there was lots of mark downs going on.  I was able to get a good deal on several organic items including eggs and milk!  When I went to check out the total was $33 something before my coupons.  I handed her my coupons and it brought the total to $20.18.  The cashier said, "You did your homework."  I used Money Saving Mom and Bargain Briana to find the deal match ups (like I usually do).

Trip #2 CVS (on my way home from Kroger)

I paid $0.94 tax for the above items.  CVS sent me coupons to get these items free.  I couldn't believe it.

Trip #3 Walgreens

I spent $14.89 on this trip because we needed diapers and my husband always seems to need shaving cream plus there was free razors included in the shaving cream.

So I spent $36.01.

I guess now I am trying to decide what to do about household items.  For instance we used to  buy diapers, toilet paper and paper towels at Sam's but if I did that now my budget would be more so I am wondering if I should have a separate household budget or plan to up my budget to $50 or so to account for household stuff.  What does everyone else do?


  1. I've always kept it separate...they just seem like such different categories to me. Paper products are "household" along with misc. items like light bulbs and printer ink. Then I have a "toiletries" category which is small. Diapers go under "baby" which may have to change eventually (and it's not that much since we mostly do cloth).
    I guess it depends on how divided you want your budget.

  2. I keep my budgets split too. I have a household (Menards type things), Sam's and weekly groceries budgets. Plus, I have a Kid Fund (shoes, clothes, diapers, etc). I will chat in more detail with you if you desire.

  3. Great Shopping trip come link up to

  4. Wow, great CVS coupons! I don't seem to get any emails or snail mails from them any longer. I would like to invite you to link up your CVS shopping trips each week at Simply CVS.


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