Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have thought so much about how blessed I am today.  Blessed just to be breathing.  Blessed just to be born in America.  Blessed just to have a family that instilled in me the importance of God and Jesus Christ. 

As I was leaving church I saw a little girl who is in my son's class.  She was born in Haiti but was adopted and now lives here.  She was so happy.  She was just playing and being sweet.  And I thought how much hardship those in Haiti are having and here she is in America.  She has two wonderful parents who love her and feed her well.  She has toys and clothes and clean water.  It made me think how incredibly blessed I am just to have been born here and to have been brought up here.

Then tonight I sat with two little girls at our church's Thanksgiving dinner.  They are Chin people who meet at our church on Sunday afternoons so they can have services in their own language.  The Chin are from the Myanmar province (Burma) in India.  The girls were so sweet and well behaved and I would have loved to take them home with me.  They told me they didn't even speak English when they started Kindergarten.  I met one of their fathers and he did not speak English either.  I mean how fortunate we are that we have the freedom to just go to church and to live our lives in the greatest country that has ever been.  It is a truly blessed thing and I am so incredibly grateful for it. 

Also, tonight during our worship time we sang one of my favorite hymns.   I am leaving it for you to enjoy as well.  I love hymns.

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