Thursday, January 27, 2011

Swagbucks and Amazon Mom

It has been a while since I last talked about Swagbucks

Search & Win

I use it all the time.  It is a search engine. 

I have personally been using Swagbucks as my search engine for quite a while now.  I cash in my Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards.  I usually get $5 Amazon cards at a time.  It does take 450 Swagbucks to get an Amazon card.  You may think it will take you forever to earn that, but it really takes no time at all.

You can cash them in for many other prizes as well.  Last year, I bought a few Christmas presents with them.  If I want to buy a book,  I just keep getting $5 Amazon gift cards until I can buy the book.

Since I buy so much from Amazon I signed up for their Amazon Mom's program.

The benefits:

Amazon Mom is a free membership program aimed at helping parents and caregivers, from the prenatal days through the toddler years, use Amazon to find all the products their family needs. To join, simply sign into your Amazon account and tell us whether you are a Mom, Dad, or other caregivers of a child. By providing information about your family, you can help us personalize offers, e-mails, and product recommendations to help you find exactly what you need at just the right time. Amazon Mom members receive benefits such as 30% off diapers and wipes, FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime, as well as exclusive offers via e-mail.

You will receive FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime for the first 3 months of your membership. For each $25 you spend within a single order in the Baby store, we’ll grant you an additional month of Amazon Prime shipping benefits. You can earn up to one year from the date you joined Amazon Mom.
It really does work. 

So give Swagbucks a try!  And just keep at it.  You will soon reap the rewards.

And don't forget to sign up for Amazon Mom.  I find that I can spend $25 in a single order with buying diapers or wipes or toys but I usually get a discount with my Swagbuck cards.  Also, if you use the subscribe and save option you get 30% off select diapers and wipes: As an Amazon Mom, you receive an additional 15% discount on top of the standard 15% discount on Subscribe & Save when you sign up for Subscribe & Save delivery. Subscribe & Save shipping is always free, and you can change your delivery schedule or cancel at any time. No fees, no risks, no obligations.

 I use all of the programs above at different times to get the best deals.  I just bought the Scotch TL901 Thermal Lamintor for $14.24 with my Swagbucks.  Not that you need a laminator but if you wanted one you could get it for pretty cheap.  My friends tell me that when you buy one you will be laminating everything - so watch out kids you may be laminated - at least they would be easy to wipe off when they got messy:)

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