Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Way more than you wanted to know about my lack of decorating skills

People if you only could understand my lack of decorating ability you would know how amazing this post is.  My stepmom and my sister are fabulous at decorating.  My sister has decorated her house almost completely from garage sale stuff and it looks amazing.  I on the other hand have lived in my house for going on 5 years and I had this one wall in my kitchen with nothing on it, and its a big wall.  5 years people - 5 years with nothing not even something ugly.

Then about 6 months ago I had this idea but I wasn't sure exactly where to go with it.  Yes, 6 months ago and it has taken me that long to see it through to fruition (I think I'm actually somehow related to my in-laws, right MJ).  Anyway, I bought this vinyl verse from Amazon several months ago and I posted help on Facebook and got some suggestions.  This is what I was originally thinking about:

I wanted to do the verse with some plates around it but I couldn't come up with a way that I liked it so I sat on it for about 2 more months.

Then I finally found some plates at Hobby Lobby that I loved.  I wanted them to spell HOME, but they only had the "O" and the "E" so I had to wait another month for the "H" and the "M".  Finally everything was here and I just had to put it together so that is what I did and it looks like this:

Yes, the above picture was 5 years in the making.  Please hold your applause.  My next project is the kids room.  So maybe by the year 2012 I will have some ideas for you.


  1. I believe the 5 years was well worth the wait! That is beautiful!!!

  2. that's beautiful, and I think you have a lovely house. simple.


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