Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Letter Hh

The letter Hh!  Well, this week did not go as planned, but we know that our ways are not His ways.  I had a lot going on including helping out my friend by watching her kids while she recovers from surgery so you will see some extra kiddos in the pictures this week.  We actually only got to do school for 2 days so I packed in a lot.  Even so I am thankful for extra kiddos and another week with my family!  And you will notice we may still be in our jammies and our hair may not exactly be fixed this week.

We are continuing on our RRS Preschool journey.  If you cannot tell I love her program and I love Confessions of a Homeschooler's printables as well.  These ladies are incredibly generous to all of us by sharing what they have created.

We played these songs while they worked - Honor your Father and Mother and I will obey and Obedience.

I introduced the letter, the verse, the verse application sheet and the song.  We cut out and stapled the book for the week.  We glued on our props for the week.  We put our board together.

Then we did some of the fun activities.

Miss M did the Capital/Lowercase H sorting while Miss L did the H is for Hippo Puzzle.

Then we did Hippo Size Sorting and Hippo Pattern Activity  Miss M has a little trouble with this but Miss L did well - she is a year older.

Miss M worked on her H tracing while Miss L did the find the baby letter game.

Then we did the Hh Do-A-Dot Page.  We did get a little crazy with stickers too.

 We made the Hippo Cut & Paste.

We made H's with scrap paper.  We did the Letter Hunt page.

And we had some warm days this week (Praise the Lord!) so we ate outside and played outside too!

And I found this activity (Toddler sewing basket) around Christmas time and I have been wanting to put it together and I finally put half of it together this week and it was a hit not only with my toddler but with the girls too!

We had a wonderfully short week but we packed a lot into it.  Next week I have decided to make a review week to review our last 3 letters since we didn't get very long to work on H.  I am also going to do the Very Hungry Caterpillar Preschool Pack next week as well as our review.  That is the plan anyway:)


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