Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Letter Tt

This week's letter was Tt.  We sang the 10 Commandments song which I had not heard before but found it on You Tube.  Our verse was "Thou shall not steal."  Exodus 20:15.  We followed much of the RSS Preschool curriculum.  Again, I do recommend her "Member's Only" Section.  It is a one time fee but her Power Point presentations are great.  Miss M just presses the space bar and can go through it without my  help although I do sit there with her and help her read it.  She also puts last week's letter on there again for review.

We did several things from Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter T.  This included the Big T, Little T matching game, "T" scavenger hunt, the T is for Turtle puzzle and find the "T" page.  You will find all of the printables on her link.  I laminated them all with my laminator.

We found a TV remote, telephone, tape, tape measure, toothpaste, toothbrush

We did the T is for Tractor craft.  And then mommy wrote a letter to our child that we sponsor through World Vision.  His last name starts with a "T" so we mailed him our T is for tractor craft along with a note and Miss M wrote a "T" on there all on her own.

The rest of the things we did were straight from RRS Preschool program.  You may find the Letter T curriculum here

Coloring her verse page

Tracing the letter "T" page

Dot painting "T" page

Writing T on her own

Doing the alphabet clothespin game

Cutting her verse and taping it together

Doing her Ten Commandments craft

Reading her "T" book

We did some other things too!

She helped me make bread and we put a piece of tape so we could see how much it rises.

She did some Valentines Day crafts that Grandma MJ sent her.

We color sorted dominoes again.

We played Curious George number match game.

She  made this T all by herself.



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