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Grocery Shop in your Pajamas

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I had thought that most people knew about this but the more people I tell the more I find out they don't know.  You may know that I shop to stock my pantry.  I think some people call this the Pantry Principle.   I have a master grocery shopping list.  I even laminated it and use my dry erase marker on it.  I don't often shop at regular grocery stores much anymore.  I do most of my shopping at Sam's Club, Aldi or Trader Joe's.  I had to find creative ways to shop with kids.

Introducing grocery shopping in your pajamas - I found out about Sam's Club Click N Pull about two years ago.  You have to have a Sam's Club membership to use it.  Once you are a member, you just go on their website and create your account.  You can then make your own lists and save them like I made a "Master Grocery list" and saved it so I can just open that up and put it into the "cart" for next time.

There is no fee for the Click N Pull service and you don't have to pay until you pick it up and if you decide you don't need some of the items by then you can just not buy them.  Everytime I have been in there they will ask you if your produce is okay (since they pick it out) and you can tell them whether or not you prefer something else.

You just have to shop the day before and they will send you an e-mail the next morning when your order is ready and you just go to the service desk and pay for it.  It is that easy!

Now you know that I do try to buy more natural food and sometimes organic so why do I shop at Sam's?  Well, for starters we get their 1-lb. Organic Spinach for $3.98,  We use it for salads and in our smoothies too.  They have 3 lbs. of organic carrots for about the same price as the spinach.  It sounds like a lot, but carrots stay good for a while - keep a paper towel in with them to soak up the excess water.  I also freeze some to make chicken stock with or throw in soups.

I buy my staples in bulk there although they don't have whole wheat flour.  I do buy their 10 lbs. of  pinto beans and other products and I use the "dirty dozen produce list" and only buy the most clean produce there.

Although I absolutely read labels and I do not buy certain things - like some spices made in china or some yogurt made with high fructose corn syrup or most of the meat they sell.  I am pretty careful.  I do know that some things are higher at a bulk food store but I am careful to look at prices and I do pay a slightly higher price on certain things for sake of convenience and time because time is so much more precious to me:)

I hope you find this service to be useful to you.   What about you?  Do you have any good easy grocery shopping tips?

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