Saturday, April 2, 2011

Homework help and other school things

This week was spring break but we didn't take a break from learning.  We did some preschool stuff and some other things for my son who is in kindergarten.   Here is what we did:

Preschool and Tot School stuff:

And for my son, we did several things.  He is suppose to be learning how to tell time and also about  money so I made two lapbooks for him and we bought him a game.

*     *     *     *     *

My Own Time Lapbook that I put together using some of the following:

How to Tell Time worksheets
Quarter Hour
Tell your time game
What time is it? - Analog and digital and time sentences
Daniel in the Lion's Den telling time file folder game

And then we did a sight word game where I just put his current sight word cards on the kitchen table and had him grab the one he knew and run it to me in the kitchen.

And then we did some training - some people call it cleaning I like to think of it as character training.  Iman cleaned the big bathroom while Miss M cleaned (wiped down) the little bathroom.  Then they had a contest to see who could get the mirrors cleanest.  Then we folded towels and wash cloths.  Iman folded the towels while Miss M folded wash cloths.

Iman also did some Kumon workbook sheets and some addition flash cards.  I am a mean mom aren't I?  Making the poor child learn while on spring break.  I like to think his teacher might appreciate that.

So how was your week?  Do any fun learning?


  1. Those lapbooks are a genius idea! I am a teacher and I wish all my families did that. I am definitely going to do that with my daughter, what a great idea!!

  2. Thank you! Of course it wasn't my original idea but I am always on the look out for ideas for homework help.


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