Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wednesay's Week In Review

Here is the thing about life that is so wonderful - ordinary, everyday moments are the BEST moments there are.  Life is but a vapor and I am learning more all the time to savor every second of it no matter what is going on around me.  My husband, my children - they are gifts from God and I want to soak up as much time with them as I can.  They are precious to me. So every little chance I get to enjoy the life that God has given me, I am going to take it!  This week you will see lots of ordinary things like swinging and sliding but know that just being together with my family make these ordinary moments extraordinary.

One of my tulips

Yep, I'm talkin to you

He's swingin so high you can't even see him

Run Forrest Run

Papaw's swingin the kiddos

My little hillbilly is climbin the tree barefoot - what else in life is better than that?  

My little tulip among the tulips

Oh yeah - it was 80 here on Sunday - water gun fight!

And of course my niece wore her swimsuit it was 80 afterall

And my little man climbed the ladder to slide about 80,000 times

Tell me that is not awesome!

My son and my nephew - which one is darker?

I pray that you have a great week and that you are able to enjoy your ordinary, everyday moments!


  1. Beautiful pictures! it makes me want to go have fun with my family!

  2. Susan,

    Thank you, I am trying to be better at just enjoying the little things.


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