Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Garden Update - the fruits of my labor

I am finally seeing some things growing.  Actually, I didn't even notice I had tomatoes and I go out and look everyday.  My friend Mindy was over and she spotted them and then after she left I found several more.

Big boy tomatoes

Roma for sauce!
Lettuce and spinach pot - my spinach has been so slow this year

Blackberries - slow going but still alive

A strawberry - hmmmm

Baby pumpkin - I grew these from seed
We aren't getting a ton of blueberries, just enough to eat a few for supper

One corn stalk that survived from seed and Gigantic sunflowers (that's really the name)

And now the sad story - we had green beans growing on the side of the yard on the other side of our fence.  Anyway, our neighbor boy is developmentally delayed, but he LOVES to mow the lawn and sometimes mows some of our lawn and so he mowed down our green beans.  I planted 40 seeds and I think about 5 plants are left.  His mom was so apologetic and gave us a check which she didn't need to do, but want to hear the good news?  About a week and a half ago my friend Angel gave me a ton of green bean seeds from her MIL.  So we had plenty of seeds to replant and I did - everywhere I could find a spot I stuck a green bean seed and I redid the plot where we had them.  God is good.  See, He definitely knows our needs before we do.

This was the plot where the green bean plants were
How is your garden doing?


  1. I love seeing the updates on your garden. I will have to blog about mine. I have cukes, zucchini & tomatoes loaded with blooms. My green beans are about 3 inches tall now. I have a few kolhrabi that came up. Like you, my spinach is taking forever to come up. I also have a pumpkin plant flowering that came up in my front flowerbed from pumpkins 2 years ago that rotten there after Halloween ;-)

  2. hey they might grow back!! i love getting surprised when im out looking for bugs in the garden! a fruit! glad you got some more beans to plant! replant in the same place and have your neighbors son take care of them! sounds like he likes to do yard stuff!

    your gardens growing! looks good!
    yes the lord is good!

  3. Your garden looks great! I am very envious of your blackberries and tomatoes. I always say I'm going to plant more "next year", but I chicken out at the last minute because just what I have keeps me busy. Maybe "next year". :)

  4. @Lea
    That is so crazy about your pumpkins. I would love to see pics of your garden especially since you take such beautiful pictures.

  5. @debbie
    Thanks for the reminder - I will look out for them and see if they might grow back. Otherwise, I have already replanted quite a bit more so we will see.

  6. @klutzymama
    Don't be jealous. I have no idea if I will get many blackberries - maybe next year. I hope my tomatoes are good. Last year they were pretty tiny.

  7. I love that you are growing pumpkins. I have tried for 3 years in a row to grow them. I get these big beautiful plants, but then they die due to vine borers. How have you protected yours from pests? Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

  8. @Annie
    I don't have trouble with vine borers but squash bugs are my enemy! I need a good remedy for them.


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