Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden Update - the hail edition

The day after I took my pictures of my garden last week, we had a small hail storm.  And a few of my boxes of veggies got chopped to bits.  I am also upset at some ants that keep bothering one of my blueberry plants.  I don’t know why they just bother one.  And look at my poor pumpkin vine that was doing so well, now look at itSad smile




The blackberries seem to be doing well.  The other pumpkin vines are doing well because they were on the side of the house.  I still need to get cages for the rest of my tomatoes.




There are some buds on my pepper plants and my tomato plants are starting to flower.




And finally, here are some of our flowers.  The hanging baskets are doing pretty well thanks to my husband.  This flower pot I overfilled with flowers because they were small and not doing well and now they are going crazy.




I have been able to get some more radishes from the garden and lettuce but not much else because it is still too soon.  The green beans are also doing okay even with the hail.

How is your garden this week?


  1. Thanks for the pics of your pepper I know that we do actually have one sprouting..woo hoo!

    Sorry about your hail damage.

    None..NONE of my herb seeds sprouted.

    Our popcorn and potatoes are growing well, though:)

  2. It's so frustrating when something like this ruins our efforts! At least the rest of your garden is looking yummy!

  3. @Kim
    Thanks Kim! I checked out your garden on your blog and it looks great too.


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