Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've Been Featured on Money Saving Mom

Featured on

I have been featured on Money Saving Mom's website. If your interested you can go check out how I bought and saved for a grain mill


  1. I saw this on her site! How do you like your grain mill? I've seriously been considering getting one, but really feel like I need to research the process more before I take the plunge. Have any info you could pass along? :)

  2. @Hannah
    Well, I am very new to this whole thing and I was encouraged by Tammy's Recipes ( and Heavenly Homemakers ( I made myself buy whole wheat flour and try different recipes to find ones we liked before I even thought of a mill, because if I had a mill and didn't have any good whole wheat recipes then it defeated the purpose for me. So, I did not buy it until I knew we would eat whole wheat in several different things. Hope the links help you make your decision.

  3. Yaaayyyy you got one!! What a neat story annndddd you got featured on Money Saving Mom?!?!! I love your corn canning party idea!!


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