Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week in Review - Miss M's Birthday

I might have mentioned that I do not love character parties.  I do not like them at all, but I gave in to my daughter’s request to have a Dora party.   Mostly because I was lacking in inspiration and I am just plain tired.  She loved it.  My cousin made the cake because she is great at it and I put up a few decorations.  It wasn’t a huge party but she was thrilled with it.

This is her opening her cards from Grandma and Great-Grandma who live in Missouri.

Oh, and we hot rolled her hair too!

You know we do not throw a party unless there is a piñata involved so . . .

I loved shopping this year for her because we bought her a doll house and I have very fond memories of playing with my dollhouse that my dad built me (that my grandpa later threw away when he was cleaning out the attic).  It was also called the Loving Family Doll House.  And let me tell you, this girl we have loves everything family.  She thinks every single thing should have a mom and a dad (I do too).  She found a little sad corn cob in my Dad and stepmom’s yard and she asked where his mom and dad were.  She was so sad that it was all alone.  Every.single.day she thanks the Lord for her family and she even tells me she is thankful for her family so she won’t have to be all alone.  It is pretty precious.

 We love our sweet girl!

And just in case that wasn't enough pictures:


  1. She is so sweet. I love it that she's so into family. Katie & I cracked up at the picture of her with the rollers in her hair. Too cute!


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