Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week in Review . . . puzzles, sous chefs and a sled

Here is a little glimpse into our week:

Doing schoolwork and puzzles

My sous chefs helping me make homemade hot pockets

They begged me to take this picture of them laying on the floor.

They were not loving the hay pile

 But he was!

They got the sled out and and started spinning each other in it

Now here is the question about this picture.  Can you spot the brothers?  I was at my friend's house and we always laugh about how my son and her son look like brothers.  Pay no attention to the boys wearing the matching shirts.

That was our week!  Have you been taking some pictures of your ordinary days?  If not, start now!  It is fun to look back.  Maybe even make an album out of them, a way to remember all those days that you just enjoyed being together.


  1. The baby and the little boy beside the little girl???

  2. @Donna
    Good guess, but the brothers are the ones sitting beside each other to the left. We always thought the big boys in the middle looked like brothers but they aren't.

  3. Love the random pictures! I smell a great scrapbook in the works! Love, Lynn


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