Wednesday, November 2, 2011

100% Whole Wheat Rolls - A Recipe Review

Since I bought my grain mill I have been wanting to find really good whole wheat recipes.  I have my favorite whole wheat bread recipe down, but I am always looking for more recipes. 

I now have a great whole wheat roll recipe.  These rolls are so light and delicious.   Of course it is hard to beat the buttery bread machine rolls (our absolute favorite rolls ever) but they do have sugar and white flour in them so these whole wheat rolls are a great alternative.

The recipe and tutorial is from An Oregon Cottage.  Her tutorial is excellent.

My review:

The taste of these rolls are really amazing.  Whole wheat products can be dense.  These are soft and wonderful especially with butter.

The process to  make these rolls is a bit time consuming.   I would like to try them in my bread maker next time.  I found that I had to use about 1/2 cup to a cup more flour.  Know that the dough is sticky when you first make it.  Rolling out the rolls on a towel was a great idea.  Clean up was easy!

My six year old said these rolls looked like bottom cheeks.  When he asked for more he said, "Can I have more bottom cheeks?"  Boys! - what do you do with them?

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