Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why I Am Not a Big Fan of Beth Moore - Don't Hate Me

Beth Moore, have you heard of her?  She is a Souther Baptist teacher whose Bible studies are in churches ranging from Baptist to Methodist to Lutherans.  She's huge in the Evangelical crowd.  Nonetheless, here I am, Miss Disagreeable, finding myself disagreeing with her teaching or maybe more her method of teaching.

She is entertaining.  I mean who does not love a cute, southern speaking Texas girl?  If you speak Southern I automatically want to be your friend.

To be fair, I have attended some of her studies at my church - Breaking Free, Daniel and I can't remember the other one.

I have stated before that I am not a theologian.  You know this.  So I think I will quote other, more knowledgeable people.

From the Watchman's Bag Pipes:

"I can certainly judge Beth Moore’s claims of direct revelation from God with what the Bible teaches and declare her a false teacher, and even a false prophet, without ever claiming she is not a true believer."
The following are lengthy articles but are worth the read!  introductory article, an article on Moore's claims of direct personal extra-Biblical revelation

Beth Moore's Dangerous Bible Teaching (it is actual audio).  Be aware there are some sarcastic remarks in this one.

Her claims of special revelation from "Breaking Free" from the Watchman's Bagpipes. 

Personally my biggest problem with Beth Moore is how she says she receives things from the Lord.  She speaks as if the Lord spoke directly to her and obviously as a Christian I believe the cannon of Scripture is closed and that God does not audibly speak to us.  He only speaks to us through His Word.  (Does God Still Give Revelation) - 1 Timothy 4:1 Revelation 22:18-19

'God told me' is a dangerous and heretical motto for anyone to take because it opens to chaos, confusion, mysticism, subjectivism, demons and deception. All Scripture, given by inspiration of God, is profitable. It is completely profitable. It is so profitable that the man of God is made perfect by it thoroughly furnished unto all good works, right? The Scripture is sufficient; we need nothing more than this. And once you introduce any more than this, the chaos is irretrievable.

The bottom line is this, as Christians we need to know how to study the Bible.  We need to be discerning.  We need to check everything we hear against Scripture whether it is said by your pastor or a blond haired lady from Texas.


  1. Thank you soooooo much for this exposure of Beth Moore, I have said the same for years!

  2. @musemater
    Thank you, sometimes it is hard to say things that others definitely disagree with. But the truth is the truth.

  3. I AM A BETH MOORE FAN. And of course I don't hate you because you are not one.

    I believe that God is so personal, that he reaches each of us differently, through different teachers. What Beth says simply doesn't resonate with you, and thats ok.

    I believe that people DO hear from God.

    For me, there is ONE TIME, only one, in my life that I can recall hearing the audible voice of God. It was clear. It resounded in my soul. It was definitive.

    He said MOVE NOW.

    He told me to move away from the city of New Orleans .. I moved 35 miles north of the city, 1 week before Hurricane Katrina.

    This is a long story, shortened.
    But I KNOW he saved me from continued hurt & pain in that case.

    Since then, God has repeatedly revealed himself through the scriptures, and through his spirit and through other believers. He has given me a discernment that I never knew before.

    I pray that you do find someone from whom you can believe. Goodness knows there are enough of them.

    I also pray that you refrain from judging those who don't touch you personally, because in his word, God said that he will judge us in the same way that we judge.

    And ultimately, His word will never return void, regardless of who is speaking it.

    Your sister in Christ

  4. I owe you a big thank-you for this. I have been searching for a well reasoned, Biblical look at Beth's teachings. Some of her comments lately have been very disturbing to me and I wanted to dig more deeply into her theology. Glad to see the "Grace to You" link.


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