Monday, March 19, 2012

What I Hope to Accomplish during our long spring break

With the school my son goes to we are on a calendar year that gives us 2 weeks off for spring and fall plus the week before those breaks we get a flex week where we can catch up on any lessons that we are behind on.  Since we are caught up we have an almost 3 week time frame where we don't have to do any schedule lessons.

We will still be doing calendar time and also some other learning things to help us not forget what we have learned so far.  We may even work ahead in math some but I have plans to get some sewing and other projects done.  I wanted to list them here so I have some accountability to get them finished.  I may add to the list as the week goes on but this is my starting point.

1.  Redo my recipe binder - split it up into a few binders and make it prettier.
2.  Make curtains for my laundry room shelves (I have had the fabric forever).
3.  Make Alphabet bean bags or stenciled Alphabet bean bags

From Mama Mel Loves

4. Make number bean bags  (Stencils to download)

From Crafting a Green World

5.  Make sandpaper letters

From the Moffatt Girls

6.  Make a few child's aprons
7.  Check into DIY Montessori
6. Make an indoor sandbox
7.  Work on some freezer cooking
8.  Think about the idea of a breakfast bar and how to implement it
9. Try out mason jar meals
10.  Try out more easy lunch ideas 
11.  Make my daughter this sewing kit and work with her on it

If you have any more ideas for me let me know!


  1. I think you are going to be plenty busy. I hope you blog about what you actually get accomplished.
    You reminded me that I have beanbags that I was supposed to finish. Nothing fancy just some I was making from scrap fabric.
    Have a great day.

  2. I do the breakfast bar thing a lot. Usually bread or toast with choice of toppings: butter, honey, apple butter, sometimes icing. I like to have lots of hard boiled eggs on hand and cut up fruit always is a hit.

    That indoor sandbox is cute but I am just imagining the carnage that would ensue here.

  3. @Kim @ Homesteader's Heart
    I found another thing I might get done first that is not even on my list and it doesn't involve sewing but I will try to blog about what I get done.

  4. @Ma
    I have never hard boiled an egg, can you believe that?

  5. I know you already made the felt letters and I don't know how much the Montessori ones run, but in case you need a future alternative...Handwriting Without Tears sells tactile letter and number cards. I just got some for our younger girls, so if you ever want to see them, let me know. :)

  6. @Heidi Stone Photography
    I checked them out and they look really neat but ya, I already did mine.


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