Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Remembering God's Word

Memorizing Scripture - it is tough for sure.  I mean it isn't that tough if you are 7 but the older you get the harder it is.  Yet it is so important.  And while technology usually gets somewhat of a bad reputation, in this situation I love technology!

We have smart phones (smarter than me for sure) and I was looking for an app to use to help aid me in my Scripture memory when I stumbled upon "Remember Me".  Best thing about this app - it is free!

The way it works is that you click on the "New" tab and add the verse you want to memorize.  When you input the verse it allows you to pick the version you want to memorize in.

Once I add my verse I click the "Commit" button which means I commit it to memory and it goes under the "Due" tab.  Once I have it memorized it goes in the "Known" column and I can set up how often I want to review it.

This app will also allow you to hear the verse read to you aloud.  It also has some puzzles you can do with the verse to help you memorize like erasing some words and things like that.

It has many features I haven't even explored yet such as:

● Listen to verses as they are read to you
● Study flashcards
● Play word puzzles
● Obfuscate a passage and fill in the gaps
● First letter and placeholder methods
● Line by line practice
● Take randomly generated quizzes
● Intelligent review system
● Enter quotes on web browser
● Retrieve scriptures from online Bibles
● More than 100 verses preloaded
● Sync with multiple devices
● Export collections to SD card
● Set daily reminders
● Flashcard widget for your home screen
● Find and share sets of verses on website
● Numerous Bible translations

I set up my verses to review weekly.  I try to read over the previous ones and  say my new verse plus two old verses a week to my accountability partners.

I highly recommend this app!  There are others for you Iphone users out there.  And what if you don't have any of this technology and want to do it the old fashion way?

Charlotte Mason Memory System
Kids in the Word - Scripture Memory Box

Need a place to start memorizing - I highly recommend the Navigator's Topical Memory System.  I have memorized it all and am now trying to review it.  It is a great place to start! 

And what about Bible study?  I am a firm believer that you don't need an actual "Bible study" to study the Bible.  Yes, you can study the Bible on your own without the help of Beth Moore or anyone else (not that there is anything wrong with that) but if you need some help with starting to study the Bible on your own - see "How to study the Bible" and just GET STARTED!

Now go forth and memorize!

And please share with us how you commit the Bible to memory.



  1. THANK YOU, thank you, and THANK YOU! I have been searching for something like this and this is PERFECT! My post-it note version is just not working anymore between what I'm working on, the kids in different activities, and as a family.

  2. Tracye,
    I am so glad you liked it. It is a wonderful tool.


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