Friday, September 21, 2012

This Week In Review

We did get school done this week with my oldest but not so much with my middle two.  We have some behind the scenes things going on and so we relaxed our school a lot this week.  I am trying not to stress about it.  I'm trying to enjoy it more.

Here is some of our week in pictures:

We played some games

We celebrated my husband's birthday (I bought him this card).

We had pancakes.

We pretended we were colorful worms.

We did gymnastics at the gym.

We did gymnastics at home.  Pay no attention to the piles of laundry in the background.

We baked and stuff.

I made a cake and she "had" to decorate it.

Miss M likes to give me a spa experience by doing my nails and lotioning up my feet and putting her jewelry on me.  I don't mind it a bit.

Well, that was our week.  How was your's?


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